September 16, 2016

Topshop’s one of the many labels taking the Runway-To-Retail approach this season, offering us the chance to shop specially curated Topshop Unique pieces immediately after its debut on the runway at Topshop Ion Orchard. There’s tons of hype and curiosity surrounding what trendy pieces Topshop Unique will be pushing out this September, as we prepare for yet another hole-in-wallet session of frivolous spending. But here’s the real challenge; acting fast. And by that, we mean really fast. We’ll be at the edge of our seats while watching the Topshop Unique September 2o16 show live, with a notepad to pen down our favourite looks. And that’s before we begin to race a hundred other fashion-frenzied ladies to the store to pick them out the next day. Sounds like a chore; but a chore we’ll gladly take up in the name of fashion. To make things even more exciting, the Topshop Showspace will also host a  number of market stalls selling fashion and design from both established and new design talent. Now this is what we call instant gratification.


Watch the Topshop Unique September 2016 Showcase at from 9pm on Sunday 18 September 2016.

Topshop Unique Collection, POA. Available from 19 September onwards at Topshop Ion Orchard.