September 6, 2016

We’re sure that everyone has seen Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s head-turning matching gowns at the VMA red carpet earlier this week. There is nothing less than extraordinary about that sparkling queen/princess ensemble both beautiful ladies managed to rock flawlessly. But that’s not the only time that the mother-daughter power duo have caused some major hearts stirring with their groundbreaking #twinning looks.


The Look That Broke The Internet

Look how incredibly adorable Blue looks at 11 months old. The eggshell mermaid-like scale dress may look stunning, but the real stunner here is little baby Blue. Seriously, just look at that face.

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The Look Which Put Every Coachella-goer To Shame

Look at how happy they look in their summer-best.

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The Picnic Dress
Looks like it’s just another ordinary picnic day for the Carters. We can’t see what they look like from the front, but we already know how great they’ll look in these cute and peachy summer frocks. Also, the sun hat completely made the outfit(s).

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The Look Which Thrashed All Other Parent-Child Co-ords At Halloween

Okay, so maybe they aren’t really wearing matching outfits here. But hey, we couldn’t resist! Queen B sure does have a good sense of humour and a couple of witty Halloween tricks up her sleeves. We know there’ll be many out there who had been kicking themselves for not thinking of this first. Beyonce as Janet and Blue Ivy as Michael wins every single cosplay attempt. Hands down.

The Denim Jackets

Beyonce doesn’t play around when it comes to dressing up. These custom-designed Gucci denim jackets which feature colourful floral embroidery, butterflies, and hummingbirds may cost greater than what our lives are worth, but Yonce and Blue slay in them and that’s all that matters okay?


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That Gucci Dress That’s On Every Mother’s Wishlist

Bey and Blue take to the city of love to snap some tourist shots by the Eiffel Tower in their blue Gucci floral dresses. We’re spotting some ruffles on Beyonce’s sleeves, and you know how obsessed the fashion department is with ruffles this season. Now that’s definitely a plus. We take that back – this is Beyonce, everything she does just happens to be a plus.

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Cover image from @beyonce’s Instagram.