OtterBox iPhone Case

September 15, 2016

Having trouble keeping your ever-so-fragile iPhone safe from knocks, bumps, scrapes and cracks? Well, that’s something that most of us Apple users have experienced from time to time, and it’s a battle that we can’t seem to win. Thankfully, OtterBox has a new range of cases for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that promises to do the trick.

“Apple continues to drive the evolution of smartphone technology in ways that are shaping the human experience,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. “OtterBox has been a part of the story since the very beginning, keeping that connection protected so that we can all capture, share and connect with the world at large.”

These rock-solid receptacles provide combat-ready protection endorsed by the Certified Drop+ Protection program, which includes rigorous trials such as abrasion tests; drop tests; thermal shock tests; and high temperature and humidity tests. So you know these beauties are seriously legit.

Functionality isn’t just OtterBox’s strong suit though. Their stylish Symmetry Series range packs choices of funky graphics, cool colours, as well as a clear case option. All products in this line also feature a bevel-edge component around the screen that protects your phone from smashing against screen-faced falls.

Leather lovers should make a beeline for the Strada Series Folio, which conveniently shields your HD Retina display when closed, but if you want something tougher, check out the Commuter Series. Its dual-layer design is extremely durable, plus, there’s also a slipcover that acts as a defence against dust and grime.

If that still isn’t tough enough for you, there’s always the robust Defender Series – OtterBox’s ultra secret weapon for the ultimate phone protection. It has a three-layer casing, built-in screen protector, an inner shell cradle, as well an outer slipcover that makes this phone case one true badass. It might not generate indestructible jokes and gags like the meme-able Nokia. But as far as modern phone casings go, it’s pretty much the damn Terminator.

Need a resilient touchscreen glass to go along with these gritty phone cases? OtterBox has the fortified, anti-shatter Alpha Glass to go for. Because hey, there’s no harm in completing the full set right?

The Defender Series, Commuter Series, Symmetry Series for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are available for retail. The Strada Series Folio and Alpha Glass for iPhone 7 will be released soon. For more information, visit

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