Print Instant Photos From Your Smartphone with Prynt

Have you always wanted instant photos, but you don’t own an instant camera? Not to worry. You can now turn those picture-perfect memories into film with Prynt – the world’s first ever photo-printing smartphone case.
This device is basically a mini-printer that also acts as a phone case. It doesn’t use ink, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. The only thing needed for it to operate is a specialised app and a compatibility with iOS and Android phones.
So how does it work? Well, the app gets those printed photos going by recording a video when you take a picture. The video is then stored in a cloud, linked to your captured image, and is finally printed onto photo paper.

Prynt, Photo Printer

The case itself is pretty simple in terms of construction. It consists of strap hooks, a shutter button, a photo paper hatch, an adapter, and an internal battery that charges with micro-USB cables.
What’s even cooler though, is that the Prynt is completely ink-less, incorporating ZINK technology to produce tear and smudge-free photos. Need refills? Just navigate the Prynt app and order away.
Shipping is currently restricted to the United States and Europe, but if you really want to get your hands on this baby, you can always head to Amazon and work your way from there.
Prynt is currently retailing at USD$149. Visit Prynt’s official website at
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