September 13, 2016

Weddings are getting more creative by the day. There have been Harry Potter themed weddings; Hunger Games inspired nuptials; and yes, there was even a Walking Dead matrimonial ceremony before (that’s freaking hardcore by the way). But in terms of wedding desserts, in particular wedding cakes, the choices have been rather lacklustre…till now.

In what is quite possibly the most Instagram-worthy wedding food fad of 2016, people have been ditching the classic, rounded white cakes for colourful donuts plastered on towering walls. It’s the perfect way to add some spark to your special’s day décor if you ask us. Because c’mon, what better way to get the romance going than to flaunt ring-shaped, sugary treats?

That’s not the only benefit though. These delightful donut walls would certainly add more variety to your overall food offerings as another dining option. Plus, they could totally replace the photo booth wall. It’s a win-win for everybody. Just make sure that your wedding area is properly sanitized in order to avoid any potential ant attacks!

Here are some pretty looking donut walls that caught our attention on Instagram:

They had me at Dough-Nut wall. #TheMenterAdventure

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Donut Worry, Be Happy, the 🍩s are indeed real! Designed by @grandsoirees #DonutDisplay #GrandSoirees

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One of the many things we are up to this weekend! How awesome did this donut wall turn out for one of our clients?! We love detail execution!!

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Cover image taken from @summerleighaphotography