September 7, 2016

We’re true aficionados of Dolce & Gabbana’s previous works. What’s not to love about the ornate flair the house manages to pull off so elaborately season after season? We’ve got to say, D&G really knows how to knock at our inner desire of playing the part of a princess with its richly embroidered gowns. This season, we witnessed the enthronement of Italian actress Sophia Loren as D&G paid homage to Italy’s greatest movie divas and the picturesque city of Naples. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana literally put Sophia Loren on a central, velvet throne during the show, making it as evident as possible that the raucous street festival of a fashion show was solely dedicated to the dazzling guest of honour herself.

“It is inspired by Sophia, by Naples, and tradition. She grew up not far from here, and many of her movies were set here. There’s one she was in called Miseria e Nobiltà,” he continued. “Naples is still like this today, very poor on one hand, but with this incredible Baroque architecture, the Spanish influence on the other. There are all these specialist craftspeople in the little shops here, family businesses, each making something differently. This is what Stefano and I relate to. It is authentic.” Dolce masterfully concluded the thought behind the collection.


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The collection, as usual, explored many meaningful Italian themes such as football, religion and art. The vibrancy of culture within the lively city of Naples was beautifully translated onto a cloak through the medium of a print which resembled oil-paintings of the city’s architecture. The intricate and heavily embellished headpieces rose (quite literally) above the occasion and perched atop the models’ heads like a tower of gems and roses. The noble aristocrats of times past would have been proud of these elaborate “crowns” (or bishop’s mitres). We even saw a richly embroidered and painted floral swimsuit, with a satin sash across it with the words “Miss Eleganza”, a cheeky reference to Miss Loren’s breakthrough into fame through a local beauty contest. The thick fur coat with leopard prints and floral embroidery may be a stand-out piece in the collection of black organza ruffles, sequin embroidery, and bejewelled sapphire velvets, but the true highlight of the show has got to be Yumi Lambert’s clergy ensemble in full-on gold. A stunning gold brocade mini-dress appliquéd with all the jewels you can name, paired with a matching cloak and a towering shrine. The entire collection was classic Dolce & Gabbana, bringing in cheers from all across the globe with their ability to translate the alluring Italian culture so divinely through their works every single time.