September 19, 2016

Chanel recently released a promotional video for the new Chanel Fine Jewelry collection Coco Crush, and the result struck as an incredibly charming and quaint documentary on what makes the Chanel “It-Girls” happy. Capturing raw and mischievously honest moments behind what sets a smile on these women from different artistic professions (which includes our favourite actress Ellie Bamber, fashion influencer Leandra Medine, prima ballerina Courtney Lavine, artist Kilo Kish and fashion creative Taylor Patterson), Chanel brings us a super sweet short clip which has got us lusting hard over the elegant and dainty jewelry we caught certain sneak peeks of.



“Funnel cake. Burning fire smell. 10 sparkling fireflies. Gold and silver sparkles. Champagne. Ballet. A jacket full of sequins.” These are the various cheeky definitions the Chanel “It-Girls” fastened onto “All things nice”. But there’s no mistake what Chanel is ultimately getting at here. “All things nice” has got to refer to the Coco Crush collection; which feature a perfectly beguiling collection of jewellery crafted out of the legendary “matelassé” quilted motif used in Chanel handbags. The engravings in gold and silver mimics the fine stitches on leather quilt. How clever. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely crushing on Coco with these these fine jewelry staples.