Star Trek's U.S.S. Enterprise Is Now A Rocking Horse For Kids

In what is quite possibly the most amazing children’s invention of all time (at least in geek terms), a custom Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Rocking Toy has been made by the GandGRockers Etsy store in San Diego California.
The rocker is modelled after the famed NCC-1701, and we’ve got to say, everything about the spaceship’s wicked design is totally on point, from the warp nacelles all the way down to the saucer.
It’s an absolutely perfect tool for your little kiddo to channel their inner Spock or Captain Kirk. Just think about it, they get to pretend warp driving around the galaxy, while nurturing a budding fandom for Star Trek at the same time! If that isn’t raising your child responsibly, we’re not sure what is.

Star Trek USS Enterprise Rocking Horse

Besides that, this rocker is great for showing off to your fellow trekkers. Because c’mon, who doesn’t love checking out a cool fanboy/girl toy every once in awhile? Also, since it’s constructed from unfinished wood, you can customise it however way you like! There’s also the option of paying for a pre-painted one.
Unfortunately, the rocker is only shipped within the United States and Canada. Still, that’s a small obstacle considering that it costs just $270 for beautiful, customised wood. Add to the equation the immeasurable amounts of trekker fun your kid will have, and you’ll forget that there was even a price to begin with.
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