Stick Your Phone on Almost Any Surface With This Anti-Gravity Phone Case

Gone are the days when phone cases were just meant to hold your phones. Now, the future has arrived with the invention of the MEGAVERSE Anti-Gravity Case – a modular phone case that can stick itself on almost any surface! That includes windows, mirrors, kitchen cabinets and whiteboards.
It might seem a little gimmicky at first, but just think of the possibilities here. You’ll now be able to take hands-free selfies, read recipes while you cook, or simply watch YouTube while taking a dump. Now how’s that for convenience?

In the words of Mega Tiny Corporation – the geniuses who came up with the MEGAVERSE – this case sucks, literally. The casing makes use of nano-suction material for its spider-man capabilities, and all you’ve got to do to make your phone defy gravity is press it on a smooth and flat surface, and there you go. Your phone would have officially broken Newton’s Law.
But that’s not all. This slick casing isn’t just gravity defying. It’s multi-functional too. For instance, there are swappable plates that let you customise its exterior, giving you the options of adding a leather wallet, shatterproof mirror or bottle opener to the casing’s back. The bottle opener would come in especially handy at parties!
Unfortunately, the MEGAVERSE is built solely for iPhones, but luckily, other phone users can get the Anti-Gravity SPACE – which basically makes use of two nano-suction pads to stick your phone on walls.
Shipping for the MEGAVERSE begins in mid September. Check out their Indiegogo funding page at