September 21, 2016

New York Fashion Week has come and gone, and over the week all Manhattan fashionistas came out to play, taking their street style up a notch to show the world how Fashion Week is meant to be done. It’s true what they say, New York has got to be one of the most spunky and bold fashion capitals in the world. And the New Yorkers sure did their city proud with their outlandish splash of prints and colours, which is screaming at us in our faces, “Spring is coming”. And indeed, we’re more hyped up than ever to start donning spring trends once again, especially after browsing through countless style inspirations rounded up by street photographers during fashion week. Set your eyes on some of the best New York Fashion Week street styles.

1. Gigi Hadid

Top of the list; Gigi Hadid’s glamorous pair of leather culottes has forever changed the game of wide-legged pants in our eyes.

A photo posted by gigi hadid (@gigihadidgram) on


2. Sarah Snyder

What are these jeans. And where can we find them.

3. Sophia Sanchez

There’s just something about colour blocking which gets to us. We can’t resist a bold mismatch of polar hues and @chufy is working it in this skirt (which kind of looks like its been reconstructed from Balenciaga’s fall multicoloured striped totes).

4. Grace Elizabeth

We’ll definitely leave a mental note to snap up a pair of dark-washed flared jeans the next time we come across it. And that felted wool jacket? Well, let’s just say that we’re willing to endure the imminent heatstroke for that stunner.



5. Thassia Naves

We called it! The pyjama phenomena is back to combat unbearable heat waves and draining afternoons with a slouchy and laid back disposition. We’re most excited about this trend as it means that we’ll easily get away with wearing our jammy wammies to work (okay, maybe not).


6. Tiffany Hsu

Nothing as smoking hot as a silk dress with a diagonal tie-up to get heads turning as you walk down the street. @handinfire does it best here with the most gorgeous red midi that’s slit down in all the right places.


6. @teddy_quinlivan

What we would give to own a patented wrap skirt which looks just like that. And may we point out, those David Bowie inspired boots from ModernVice is absolutely #goals.


7. @littleom and @meganbowmangray

We’re trying our best to not focus on how they got this picture taken (seriously, did they stop traffic just for this?) and instead direct our attention to how chic these girls look. They nailed it on so many levels; from that pastel stole to the lemonade clogs.


8. Chriselle Lim

The bigger the ruffles, the better.


9. @babyslicenyc

Back to the 90s with this super grunge ensemble. We’re really digging the scrapbook-like embellishments and eyelet-studded neckline. If only our D-I-Y clothes looked this stunning all the time.

10. Kylie Jenner

It might be the cause of effect from Kylie’s bottle bleached locks, but this embossed coat looks extra lush and lust-worthy.

A photo posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Cover image from @chufy’s Instagram.