September 6, 2016

Tired of lugging your luggage around on holidays? Not to worry. Bugaboo has got you covered with their Bugaboo Boxer series – a slick luggage system that holds your bags together in one place.

So how does it work? Well, the system makes use of interlocking cases that click together in a way that looks like your bags are magnetised. The cases are then positioned on a foldable chassis, which can hold multiple bags, and can easily be adjusted to fit your height. All you’ve got to do is click your luggage on the chassis, and push. Easy as pie.

Bugaboo Boxer Chassis

Here’s how the chassis looks like

The Bugaboo Boxer works great for both traditional trollies and suitcases. However, there’s a nice little surprise inside in the form of an inner bag, which also acts a daypack. If you’re on long journeys, you can opt for the Bugaboo Boxer Travel Case, a solid bag that is made out of Polycarbonate hard-shell. For shorter trips, there’s the smaller, but equally as impressive Cabin Case.

Bugaboo Boxer Travel Case

The Bugaboo Boxer Travel Caseis great for long trips

Bugaboo Cabin Case

Bugaboo Boxer Cabin Case is ideal for shorter ones

While it might be Bugaboo Boxer’s first real venture into the travel industry (they’re better known for their prams), it looks like they’ve got a real gem on their hands, and we honestly can’t wait to see what they come up with next. After all, a company that makes travelling easier, is a company worth paying attention to.

The Bugaboo Boxer is available in Europe and United States from 26 September 2016 onwards. Watch this space for the Singapore launch. Visit their official website at www.bugaboo.com.