September 26, 2016

Why leave all the fun of buying new stationeries and backpacks to the kids, right? We deserve some of that desk revamping action as well. Whether its a new laptop sleeve, or a tumbler with a cheesy quote across it, we all need that little pick-me-up o brighten up our work weeks. Now that’s the little extra kick we need to feel more excited regarding the prospect of returning to work every Monday!

Laptop Cases


438 2385
Snupped Sunny Side Up Laptop Sleeve, $82.80; Snupped The Great Wave Of Kanagawa, $82.80.
axis_whitestone screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-3-55-00-pm
Snupped White Stone, $82.80; Typo Marblised, $34.99.
pancakes-axis screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-02-45-pm
Snupped Pancakes, $82.80; Dynomighty Colour Bar, $42.




screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-10-01-pm a5_leather_notebook_soft_lavender_inside_1
Typo A5 Spinout, $5.99; Kikki K A5 Leather Notebook, $69.90.
b5_essential_notebook_vanskap_cover petai_memo_scoolmate_1024x1024
Kikki K B5 Notebook, $7.74; Scoolmate Petai Notebook, $5.
writer-black_1024x1024 square_note_book_vegetable_label_lemon
We Are The Walrus Book, $16; The Paper Pan Notebook, $4.
Water Bottles

ceramic-travel-mug-eyes-dots-320045_1024x1024 img_3658_1024x1024
Miss Etoile Ceramic Travel Mug, $38; Unmelt Flask, $9.50.
jarware_drinklid_1 lbsf_1024x1024
JarWare Mason Jar Drink Lid, $19.90; 2 Peas In A Pot Oriental Hot Flask, $47.50.


clipboard_tape_stapler_1024x1024 stationery_kit_pause_gold_front
Stitches And Tweed Acrylic Gold Stapler, $25.90; Kikki K Stationery Kit, $44.90.
pasta_bookmark_yellow_1 everyday_ballpoint_pen_3pk_pause_hero
Mars Mers Pasta Bookmark, $11.90; Kikki K Everyday Ballpoint Set, $12.90.
screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-31-33-pm screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-31-13-pm
Typo Mouse Pad, $11.99; Typo Mouse Pad, $11.99
Desk Accessories

2014_magnetic_whiteboard_9252 vision_board_kit_10pk_vanskap_detail_1
Kikki K Magnetic Whiteboard, $59.90; Kikki K Vision Board, $10.14
desktop_organizer_02 screen-shot-2016-09-19-at-4-42-45-pm
MUKK Desk Organiser, $101.70; Typo Pug Pen Holder, $4.
il_570xn-963811406_9jtr pause_injection_essential_notebooks
Rachel George Desk Organiser Set, $250, Kikki K A4 Tray, $34.90.