September 13, 2016


Meet Hector Browne. The wire-head daxie who took the fashion world by storm when he emerged immortalised in bags and coats from Thom Browne’s 2016 women’s Pre Fall and men’s Autumn/Winter collections. Thom’s very own little sausage dog has grown to become such an endearing public figure since then, especially amongst fashion aficionados. The collection was a feast for the senses, especially for all of us die hard dog lovers. Petit Dachshund embroideries were seen on hats, ties, embroidery on jackets, and (omg) buttons!  




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The amazing Hector bag, crafted of either fine pebbled leather or beaver fur, is life-sized and complete with a bone-shaped dog ID tag, collar, floppy ears, and pointed tail to model after Hector himself. Whoever said that “a dog is not an accessory” will surely let it pass this time round, considering Hector’s irresistible charm – which emanates even in the form of a purse.


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Cover image from @thombrowneny’s Instagram.