September 15, 2016

We’ve been spending a whole lot of time in a Netflix hole recently, what with binge watching the entire first season of Stranger Things, and now, the second season of Narcos. So what if we haven’t left the house a few weekends in a row now? This month, a whole bunch of new selections have been added to the Netflix library, ranging from new episodes of the TV shows you should be up to date with, and classic films worth a second (or third, fourth, fifth) watch. Cancel all those weekend plans.


Narcos Season 2

We pick up where we last left off with the “King Of Cocaine”, right outside the La Catedral when Pablo Escobar finds himself in a very vulnerable position indeed. Season 2 spans 10 episodes and if you’re keeping track of time, there are just 17 months to go before Escobar meets his maker – but fret not, Narcos just got renewed for a third and fourth season, so it seems like the show will still go on next year, for our binge-watching pleasure.


Jane The Virgin Season 2

For the uninitiated, the storyline of this show centres around Jane who’s, yes, a virgin, finding herself accidentally artificially inseminated after an ill-fated trip to a careless gynaecologist. While we await Season 3 to premiere next month, catch up on all 22 episodes of Season 2 in the meantime, just made available on Netflix. One good reason: Britney Spears’ guest appearance in episode 5.



Chef’s Table: France

This is food porn, people. From the creator of Jiro Dreams Of Sushi, each episode of this documentary series focuses on one critically-acclaimed chef, telling their stories, and with plenty of drool-inducing food shots along the way, of course. This latest third season features four famous French chefs and their famous restaurants, plus some of the prettiest dishes we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Bon appetit.


The Breakfast Club

A brain. A beauty. A jock. A rebel. A recluse. Five high schoolers that fit different stereotypes find themselves having to spend a Saturday in detention; cue plenty of soul-baring and self-reflection along the way, changing them forever by the end of the day. We’ve rewatched this John Hughes classic from 1985 several times, but it’s a coming of age film that never gets old. And now it’s streaming on Netflix, it warrants another rewatch.


Back To The Future

Another 1985 film that never gets old. Get back in the ol’ DeLorean with Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown to do some time travelling, though we’re not so sure the phrase “back to the future” is still applicable in 2016, given that in the movie they time travelled to 2015 – which is now in the past. At least somebody made those self-lacing sneakers a reality this year.


The 40-Year-Old Virgin

Some days, you just want to turn off your brain and have a good, mindless laugh. This Steve Carrell classic is good for exactly that, as he plays a nerdy 40-year-old man who finds himself being pressurised to do the deed – made extra complicated when he meets a nice, attractive single mother. Also, that infamous chest waxing scene is always worth the laughs.