September 28, 2016

Damn, these Laneige BB Cushions just keep getting prettier. We were already pretty blown away with their recent makeover, with the all-new holographic packaging on the Pore Control and Whitening variants as well as the redesigned cushion on the inside, now featuring an embossed diamond surface that helps with more even application.

And now the BB Cushion_Anti-Aging finally gets to join in the makeover fun, that comes with a sparkly golden case that makes this cushion look super glam, and us want to whip it out as often as possible – if not for touch ups, then just to gaze admiringly at how it catches the light.


On the inside, there are changes as well: it has basically been reformulated, with new technology to help with better coverage of fine lines and a more even coverage. There’s still the collagen recovery technology inside as well to help keep the skin firm, and an Optical Oil that refracts light to get you that glow.

So if this anti-aging variant has been your choice of Laneige BB Cushion, time to look out for the new golden case the next time you stock up. And if you’re not already a user, we suspect this most recent makeover might convert you.


LANEIGE BB Cushion_Anti-Aging, $62. Available at LANEIGE boutiques and counters.