These Rainbow Highlighters Are Perfect For Halloween

If you think the rainbow trend is dying out, think again. From rainbow foods to rainbow beauty products and rainbow everything else, the technicolour movement seems to be unstoppable. We’re sure you’ve already heard of the rainbow highlighter, but we’re pretty sure you haven’t seen anything like these. Dusting your cheekbones with shimmery hues just got a whole new upgrade with Bitter Lace Beauty’s Halloween-themed highlighters.
They’re the company behind the original rainbow highlighter, and now they’re back with these spooky shades to help you channel your inner witch this Halloween. Bitter Lace Beauty gradually announced on their Instagram that they’ll be adding five new creepy items to their shop next month. They gave us a bit of a preview with the finished compact highlighters and they also showed us what the highlighters looked like before they were set in their pans, thoughtfully dishing out swatches of each creepy shade.

One of their highlighters is called Hocus Pocus, which features a spider-web designed embossed on the purple, green, and orange shimmers. If you’re a fan of the movie Hocus Pocus, then you’ll love the fact that this highlighter can also be worn as a blush. Don’t let the colours in the pan scare ya! They go on a lot more sheer than you’d expect.

Now, where are all you American Horror Story fans at? Because this next highlighter is for those who loved Coven and it’s named The Next Supreme. This glittery highlighter has a grey base with some purple and green tints in it.

The most chilling highlighter of the bunch would have to be Slay. This murder-inspired highlighter might be the one to stay in your makeup stash for the longest period of time as it has a white-gold base with blood splatter-like details. When it’s blended out, you get a pretty shade of rust that’s perfect for an everyday glow.