September 22, 2016


When Pat McGrath debuted her unorthodox glitter lip kit, Lust 004, it revolutionised the intricate lip trend, with stars like Naomi Campbell rocking her glitter pout at the recent VMAs. This time, beauty enthusiasts have taken the sparkling trend to whole new heights with “geode lips”, also known as “crystal lips”. There are tons of skilled makeup artists on Instagram who we can draw inspiration from. Some are easy to recreate, and some, like the geode lips, will require an incredibly skilled hand to achieve.


Johannah is a New York-based makeup artist who’s behind the Instagram handle @beyou.byjoh. She created some gleaming lip designs that are inspired by pieces of jewellery she loves. Her looks feature a rather balanced combination of liquid lipsticks, metallic liquid lip colour, as well as tiny crystals. But these images aren’t the only looks she’s skilled at and famous for creating. Check out her Instagram for more mind-blowing lip looks that may just inspire you to start painting your own lips.


If you’d like to give these complex crystal lips a go, start by applying white lipstick to serve as your canvas. Then, outline your lip with a darker shade, or even better, a metallic one to match the gold surface that can be found on certain geodes. For that sparkly jagged texture, sprinkle on some small, ground crystals, and top the whole look off with some glitter and a layer of gloss to seal it all in.

While we may not be wearing these gleaming lip looks out on a casual Friday night out, we just can’t help but be mesmerised by them…