September 6, 2016

We’ve heard of mixed media painting before, but we’ve never seen painting which involved beautiful strokes of nail varnish, watercolour, flowers (yes, flowers), lipstick and mascara. Chan Clayrene, local fashion artist also known as @artclaytion on Instagram, never fails to enchant her 10.7K followers with her exquisite paintings which are predominantly created with unconventional materials. It takes real skill to master the art of the unpredictable watercolour, but we must say that it’s a whole other challenge to create a full-fledged masterpiece with nail varnish. We mean, we can’t even paint our nails neatly to begin with. The use of glitter nail varnish, gems, and flower petals add a charming dimension to the artist’s already-realistic artwork. We especially love the 3-D mini dresses which (literally) stem from mini wild flowers, leaves and twigs.









Cover image from @artclaytion’s Instagram