Backstage at Hellessy NYFW

September 19, 2016

Put those scissors away – cutting off your precious locks is no longer the quickest way to fix split ends.

Haircare brand Aveda did some research a few years back, and found that almost 30% of women who participated in the study globally saw split ends as their main hair concern. No surprise there, as most of the time, split ends are a problem we unfortunately bring upon ourselves via daily heat styling and harsh chemical treatments at the salon.


So it’s Aveda to the rescue as well, with their new Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair treatment that you literally just apply onto split ends to instantly bind them back together. The magic here is in an ingredient called nangai oil, sourced from the nangai tree found on a tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean. It envelopes hair ends, binding the split ends together in the process – and the effects last through your next hair wash. Even if split ends aren’t a big problem for you right now, this can be used as a preventive measure, very necessary given the things we all subject our hair to.


Aveda Damage Remedy™ Split End Repair, $58. Available at Aveda Experience Centres and TANGS at Tang Plaza from 22 Sep.

Main image: Hellessy Spring/Summer ’17, courtesy Aveda.