September 14, 2016

And with all explicitness of bold rachetry and sexual innuendos, Hood By Air presents to us its SS17 collection. For a start, the show was in collaboration with Pornhub – so you already know something weird’s about to go down. And as with every season, the cult streetwear label summoned forth its dirty eccentricity in full force with a bizarre showcase of evidently defiant looks which can be thought of as a major eye roll to the conventional fashion shows of New York Fashion Week. We’re seeing blue plastic raincoat-esque track suits (seriously guys, what is up with trash couture?), monochromatic rugby polos with the words “Wench”, “Never trust a church girl” and “Hustler”, and a whole lot of Vaseline covered faces. As if our eyebrows aren’t raised to the heavens yet, Hood By Air decided to throw in a couple of western-styled crocodile boots which go both ways. We have no idea what made the idea of having four shoes on one person sartorially okay, but we’ll humbly seal our lips and just take this all in because – fashion. We did a double take (pun intended) with those ridiculously humorous shoes, but we soon got used to all the shenanigans that went down during the show. The black PVC and big, bold graphic words are trademark Hood By Air, reeking of a non-nonsense type attitude which has got the pop culture world stirring in recent years. And we’re extremely big fans of the refined edge added to the collection with a white oxford-shirt-turned-halter-neck-top, regarding it as a fresh twist that beats any of those youtube tutorials on how to transform your boyfriend’s dress shirt into a dress or something. It’s a show with real shock value; but that’s what Hood By Air does best, and we appreciate its quirks (except for the Vaseline, that was gross).

Cover image from’s Instagram.