Oombrella, Weather-Predicting Umbrella

September 21, 2016

For the longest time, umbrellas have had one simple job: keep us dry. Thanks to technology, they’re now capable of doing so much more. Introducing the Oombrella – a smart, uber connected umbrella that tells you when it’s going to rain, or lets you know if you’ve accidentally lost it.

So how does this amazing, weather forecasting, never-leave-me-alone gadget work? To answer that, one needs to look at its internal structure. The Oombrella is jam-packed with multiple sensors that measure temperature, pressure, humidity, and light. These sensors then make use of Bluetooth to channel data to the Oombrella mobile app. Presto! You’ll now be able to tell if it’s going to rain even before it does.


Of course, you could always perform the old-school method of looking up at the sky. But what if you’re busy shopping? Or you’re far away from public transport? Knowing way in advance wouldn’t hurt would it?

Besides, this beauty is guaranteed protection. Its ribs are made of out Kevlar – which is way stronger than steel – so you can be assured that you’ll be safe from thunderstorms, hailstorms, or snowstorms.

Purchasing the Oombrella gives you access to Wezzoo, a community that allows you to share real-time weather information with other users, provided there are sufficient users nearby. Leaving your umbrella behind will also be a thing of the past as Oombrella lets you know where it is through notifications.


If you want the Oombrella, you can find out more on their kickstarter page and pledge a sum to have it shipped over by October 2016. The Oombrella comes in shiny colours, white and black.