September 28, 2016

Lego. They’re the quintessential play tools of every child. These plastic bricks are pure genius – for one, building something is exceedingly simple, and two; you’d only be limited by your imagination. We remember spending hours playing with them when we were kids.

If Lego still holds a precious place in your heart, get ready to be sent into seventh heaven, because you can now transform your Lego bricks into fully functioning mini-drones! Now how awesome is that?


For this, we can thank Flybrix. The US-based company is now selling two DIY building kits that’ll let you propel your very own Lego collection into the sky. The kits come with eight motors, propellers, a rechargeable battery, as well as a control board. Also included in the kits is a special minifig and sufficient Lego bricks to make your own flying machine.

Controlling the drones is really simple. For the Basic Flybrix kit (US$149), all you need is your smartphone (Android and iOS) as a controller. The Deluxe Flybrix kit (US$189) is for more seasoned drone users though. It comes with a special RC controller, but you can still control your drone through an affiliated app.


If you’re concerned about not being able to build these beauties, there’s no need to worry. Flybrix claims that these kits are simple enough to understand for beginners, and that the drones are designed to be constructed in a jiffy – 15 minutes according to rough estimates.

Plus, they’re versatile too. You’ll be able to build a quadcopter, octocopter or hexacopter with the tools provided.

Want to get your hands on Flybrix’s Lego drones? Buy the limited offer now at before the retail prices are bumped up to $189/$249 for the basic and deluxe kits.

All images taken from Flybrix