September 14, 2016

Here’s some great news if you’re a Disney fan. You’ll now be able live out your childhood Disney fantasies through your clothes, all thanks to Unique Vintage’s “Happiest Collection on Earth” – which consists of a selection of outfits modelled after 13 classic Disney characters, from Minnie Mouse to Alice in Wonderland.

Pretty much all the mainstream characters are covered with various accessories, garbs and knick-knacks in this collection. For instance, there’s a Cinderella choker with a single pearl at its centre, while there are also Mary Poppins high-waist shorts, as well as an Ariel dinglehopper pin.





Each clothing option is stylised after the different eras – namely, the 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and 1980s – and you can either go all out to transform into your favourite Disney character, or just one wear one piece at a time. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re into Cosplay, or you just want to add a little something special to your wardrobe. There’s definitely something for everyone here.

Unique Vintage is currently adding to their repertoire of characters, but for now, you can check out the entire line on their website, or you can filter your search by era or character.

Visit Unique Vintage’s official website at www.unique-vintage.com.

All images taken from Unique Vintage/Facebook.