September 14, 2016

We remember when Longchamp first allowed us to go wild with our creativity in creating our very own customised Le Pliage Nylon. Boy did we go crazy with the selection of silhouette, colours and handles. Finally we had a bag which very much literally had our signature on it, and ever since then we’ve gotten onto the hype of personalising as much of our goodies as possible. And once again, Longchamp is bringing back the Le Pliage Nylon Personalized, and adding a new exciting twist – we can now have a choice of 8 new fun and creative emoji embroideries which we can put on our Longchamp bags.


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 1.56.11 PM

The embroideries, which are available in 15 thread colours, are sure to turn your Longchamp bag into a unique emulation of class and zestfulness. We’re also able to emboss our initials on the flap with 8 letters instead of the initial character limit of 4, and given the choice of adding a silver coating to our initials for that extra touch of luxe you know we need. We’ll have a hard time playing around with this much creative freedom; having to choose between 4 bag sizes, 2 strap lengths and 15 canvas colours. That’s right, we won’t stop until almost all our luxury items have our names on them; very much like how Gigi Hadid does it.

Le Pliage Nylon Personalized, POA. Available from 1st October to 21st October at Longchamp Takashimaya.