Rabbit Storage Boxes

September 1, 2016

In what is quite possibly the most adorable invention to come out of Japan, you can now store your everyday household items in these adorable little bunnies (or at the very least, multiply the amount of cuteness in your life).

Rabbit Box

Designed by Japanese company YOU+MORE by Felissimo, these petite storage boxes incorporate a tie function that’s been used in traditional Japanese furoshiki textile art for years. This style of wrapping goods dates back to the middle of the Nara period, and was used for bundling clothes at public baths, before being used by merchants to transport goods. So you know these things are pretty legit.

Rabbit Boxes

Each bunny is fairly sizeable, measuring 57 by 44 centimeters, and you can fit most household items inside, from soap to salt. All you’ve got to do is take the pointed edges of the fabric, and fold it together to form the bunny ears. Voila, your bunny is all set and ready as your personal storage box!

Tying Rabbit Boxes

Rabbit Box Measurements

Unfortunately, YOU+MORE doesn’t do overseas shipping, so you probably got to get a Japanese friend to help you out here. But judging from how sweet these cuties look, it’s got to be a worthwhile investment, no?

One bunny bag retails at $35. Click here to check out the online store and the full range of bunnies.