September 8, 2016

Amidst the excitement, and in some instances, horror, surrounding Apple’s launch of their new iPhone 7 series, there was a gadget that was mostly overshadowed by everything else – namely, the Apple Watch Series 2. That shouldn’t have been the case though. This beauty has got what it takes to be the best exercise watch in the world.

Here’s why.

While Apple’s second version of their first smartwatch looks like its predecessor at first glance, there have been a number of improvements that make getting it a worthwhile investment, especially if you love to exercise.

For instance, the watch is built for fitness junkies. It’s swim-proof with a water resistance of up to 50 metres, while there’s also the addition of a GPS chip. We cannot stress how much easier this makes it for runners who want to track their distances and map their routes without having to rely on their phone. It’s more efficient and less troublesome.

The Apple Series 2 also comes with a dual-core processor that is 50 percent faster than the original Apple watch. That means better graphics and twice the brightness. One downside of the Watch 2 is that it lacks GSM radio, so you can’t make calls, send texts, or receive app notifications by connecting to phone networks. You’ve got to rely on Bluetooth or Wi-Fi instead.

Apple Watch Nike +

Apple Watch Nike+ 

The full Apple Watch Series 2 collection

The full Apple Watch Series 2 collection

Design-wise, the Apple Series 2 doesn’t disappoint. There’s a partnership with Hermès for a special edition, while there’s the collaboration with Nike for the Apple Nike+ that takes the fitness theme even further.

For instance, Nike’s Run Club app is built into the Apple Watch Nike +, so users can expect daily motivation through exercise reminders, training data that tells you your pace and heart rate, as well as alerts that’ll let you know when the weather is ideal for heading outside.

“Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy life and we wanted to push it further to create the best smartwatch in the world for runners and athletes,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. “Apple Watch Nike+ takes performance tracking to a whole new level and we can’t wait to bring it to the world’s largest community of runners.”

For Pokémon Go addicts, the Apple Watch Series 2 will offer info such as the distance to the next PokéStop, as well as stats like calories burned.

The Apple Watch Series 2 is available for pre-order this Friday (9 September). Visit Apple’s official website at