September 8, 2016

Kanye fully embraced New York City’s sweltering heat for his Yeezy Season 4 Showcase. Well, of course he did – he was’t the one having to don those see-through plastic thigh highs and shearling/leather jackets which were evidently a recipe for heat-fried brains and dizzy spells. The “multi-racial” models Kanye explicitly called out for casting braved 30-degree celcius heat in subversive Yeezy apparel – bodysuits, oversized outerwear and military-style parkas. Muted hues in cool tones, all walked by models with fair to dark skin tones to match, made an appearance to combat the warmth of the mid-day sun. A couple of models reportedly fainted halfway through the show, which led to the passing out of water bottles to the fallen models. The post-apocalyptic army of models looked cool and sultry in their get-ups, but that was before one model’s heel broke while she walked the runway. Bad day huh? Hold on, it gets worst. Model Amina Blue sure must have had it tough that day, as she outright swore “f*ck the culture” and kicked off her heels as she continued walking nonchalantly. Perhaps it showed a certain non-conformist attitude, and that’s what Yeezy’s all about right? We’re surely hoping that she got away with it.





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