September 21, 2016

You might have heard about the SU:M37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick – in the small but growing world of cleansing sticks, it’s the one everyone touts as a must-try.


First off, it adds a whole lot of novelty to the cleansing routine. Most of us don’t use solid cleansers; or if we have, they mostly come in a soap bar form. Cleansing sticks are similar, just packaged in a more convenient and hygienic form since your hands don’t have to come into contact with the product.

SU:M37’s famous version is so beloved because people who’ve tried it say it actually does leave their skin feeling really good: clean and hydrated, and not at all tight and dry as some soap cleansers tend to leave skin. The soothing scent of roses is a huge plus as well – rose petal bits are embedded in the stick, too.

Turns out, within the wonderful world that is K-Beauty, there are a few other cleansing sticks you can try too.  Most of them are from brands that aren’t available in Singapore (aside from belif), but hey, there’s always your next trip out to Seoul, or our trusty friend, Qoo10. There’s just something about massaging your face with a moisturising stick that contains natural ingredients you can see, and smells heavenly too.


belif The True Tincture Cleansing Stick – Chamomile


The main floral here is chamomile, which makes cleansing with this ridiculously soothing. You’ll be able to see the chamomile petals in the product too, and together with the other apothecary herbs, it helps promote better circulation in the skin.

$39, belif stores


A’PIEU Aqua Nature Blackhead Cleansing Stick


This one is made for the nose area, obviously, to bust all the blackheads that tend to congregate there. It’s a gentle exfoliator, made with fine particles to get rid of dead skin cells, so all the sebum can emerge from your pores.


Neogen Real Fresh Green Tea Cleansing Stick 


Green tea seed oil, olive oil and coconut oil help soothe and hydrate the skin, and the green tea leaf fragments in this stick remove the dead skin cells  to leave a smoother and brighter complexion.


Mamonde Pore Clean Blackhead Stick


Another one for those blackheads: this contains extracts from a herbaceous plant called the houttuynia cordata, which has anti-inflammatory properties – good for blemished skin – and also helps clear the pores of blackheads and whiteheads.