September 30, 2016

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights is back with a much darker theme this year for its 6th installation; The Darkness Within. We personally went down to try out the haunted houses for ourselves (to much of our regret) and we’ve got to warn you; they’ve taken horror up a notch this year.

If you’ve been to last year’s Halloween Horror Nights, you would know that they went completely local with the houses as it was the year of SG50. And you would also know how ridiculously frightening and personal it can get when you’re put into a haunted house with local context. Well, Universal Studios Singapore must have been taking notes as this year, we’ve got an Old Changi Hospital haunted house. You can’t give it a miss, it being the highlight of the night itself. Mind you, much research was done into the various haunted houses. Real life stories of ghost spottings were taken into context in casting and ‘creating’ the same spirits you would actually see (touch wood) in the haunted location itself. So it’s really no surprise that the house was modelled to look like an exact replica of our childhood nightmares. Apart from Old Changi Hospital, there are 4 other haunted houses and 2 scare zones for you to explore.

USS Halloween Horror Nights. Only if you got the GUTS. #hhn6

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USS Halloween Horror Nights. When school was a nightmare. Open to public this Friday. #hhn6

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You would expect a much shorter wait at the queues this year, with the introduction of an additional haunted house. Also, there’s a haunted house which depicts a disease outbreak in our very own hawker centres. We don’t know about you, but it’s always interesting to see horror hit close to home. Taking the entire experience a little global this time, we’ve got references to Japan (Suicide Forest), USA (Witchcraft) and China (Fox spirits). But we’ve got to say, nothing spooks us more than the subject of our Singaporean ghost stories coming to life in front of us – like say, Pontianaks and Kampong Spirits (nope, not that kind of kampong spirit).





If you’d like a gist of how scared we were, picture this: You know when you’re inside the haunted house with a group, and there’ll always be the annoying ones who would cry and beg to be let out halfway through the gig? That was us. So if you’d like an adrenaline-rushing experience of getting scared out of your wits, this one’s for you.

USS Halloween Horror Nights 2016
Date: 30 September – 31st October 2016 (selected nights only)
Admission: $65 – $69
Tickets available here.