September 9, 2016

We bid our temporary goodbyes to the Spring/Summer 17 fashion shows at Stockholm Fashion Week last week. And from what we saw during our little Instagram stalking sesh of the super chic street styles that were prevalent throughout the week, it was clear that one bag predominantly stood out as a trendy “must have”. You may think that we’re exaggerating a little, but we kid you not; literally EVERYONE at fashion week was carrying this handbag. The super chic, boxy tote with a weighty belt-like sash and buckle across the front seemed to be a hit amongst the Nordic “cool girls” and we’d like to shamelessly give ourselves a self-invite to join the squad by snatching up one of these totes for ourselves.



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That’s not to say that we’ll all look like photocopies of one another carrying the same purse – the variation of style and colour of Boyy totes we’ve seen on the many editors, bloggers and buyers on Instagram tells us that we’ll still have our individuality in check while shouldering what essentially is the same bag that everyone else is carrying. There’s a striking crocodile skin tote, a uber adorable one in patchwork fur, and our personal favourite; a slouchy sueded olive with a thick burgundy belt and dirty gold buckle. Iconic.

Boyy handbags, 800 USD – 7,000 USD. Available for pre-order at

Cover image from @celineaaguard’s Instagram.