September 8, 2016

Happy 110th birthday New Balance! In light of celebrating 110 years of crafting these timeless trainers which come in an assortment of great colours, New Balance has decided to gift us with the launch of its “Surplus Pack”, which consists of some of its most iconic MiUK styles; 1500, 670, 575, 576 and 577 – and a new silhouette exclusively designed for the occasion, the 991.5.

Surplus Pack 1


L – R: M670SP, $289; M991.5SP, $309; M576SP, $279.

Surplus Pack 2


L – R: M575SP, $309; M1500SP, $329; M577SP, $309.

The premium surplus leather and suede, which were individually selected from the New Balance Flimby factory, are seen in muted, earthy tones such as pale lilac, camel and rusty orange. Each section of the material reflects a significant part of New Balance MiUK’s rich history, hence distinguishing each silhouette as a meaningful memento of the sneaker brand’s long-standing legacy. Can we really emphasise further on the exclusivity of these sneakers? Oh yes, we can. Only a limited number of 1,906 pairs of each shoe are up for grabs worldwide, each complete with individually numbered hang-tags. We don’t know about you, but we’re definitely racing to stores right away to snatch these up right away.

New Balance “Surplus Pack” 1 and 2 , $279 – $329. Available now (Surplus Pack 1) or from 24 September onwards (Surplus Pack 2) at New Balance Experience store Suntec City and Limited Edt Vault 313.