September 16, 2016

If you’re reading this, you’re probably just as obsessed with makeup as we are. Sometimes, there’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of transforming yourself with heaps of fun products and tools in the market. Well, fellow beauty junkie, we’ve got an thrilling new find to share with you. Rainbow unicorn brushes have just become real. Amongst a sea of plain, black, utilitarian beauty tools, these unique brushes will stand out in all their magical glory.



Created by U.K.-based company Unicorn Lashes, the set of 10 brushes feature glistening, opalescent handles that are twisted into horn-like tips, with beautiful soft pastel rainbow bristles that’s inspired by a unicorn’s mane, and a tiny unicorn head that’s etched into the shiny, silver ferrule. Could they be any more wonderful? Our 7-year-old selves, as well as our present selves, are definitely swooning at this mystical design. You can preorder Unicorn Lashes’ brushes right now, which are set to launch in October. Thank goodness for international shipping, right?



And look who’s getting on board the unicorn train too. Yesterday, Tarte Cosmetics posted an image on Instagram saying they’ll be releasing a set of unicorn-inspired makeup brushes next year! With these product releases coming soon, you may want to throw the rest of your makeup brushes out. Just kidding. Please don’t.