October 17, 2016

Versace’s little sister, Versus, turns 20 this year. Well, that makes 20 years of hardcore attitude and century defining leather numbers. The mix of men and women’s show was a hard-edge, urban standout which reminded us of everything we love about Donatella’s creative foresight. Black leather jackets came cropped, or sleeveless, biker jackets were in khaki with black collars for that extra definition of edge. Our favourite looks were the ones where large chunky belts were worn as bandeaus. Silver chainmail was present as always, exploring the brand’s roots in full throttle.

There was a predominant mix of fabric choices this season, where scuba met mesh, and nylon interlaced with knits. “Everything is a mix”, nothing is 100%”. Donatella Versace had said. The metal mesh dress, which was a true stunner “was put together the same way a Nike sneaker is constructed.” Now that’s exciting. Seems like the head of fashion’s bold and radical house may be appealing to our fondness of construction and craftsmanship here.