CoverGirl's First Cover Boy Is Changing More Than Just Beauty Norms

American cosmetics brand CoverGirl has recently announced its first ever male spokesperson, 17-year-old James Charles. The high school senior from Bethlehem, New York has gathered around 563,000 followers on Instagram and 81,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel where he shares his gorgeous makeup creations with the world.

I mean are we really that surprised? 😂😂 Shoutout to Carlyn Studios for dealing with my extra ass 💀😂

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You may remember James as the boy who retook his senior photos because his highlighter just wasn’t beaming in the original photos. He posted his shoot on social media and soon got a repost from the multi-talented flawlessness that is Zendaya Coleman, who commented, “You win.” And now, James has followed Zendaya’s footsteps by joining the CoverGirl family alongside Katy Perry. This selection is not only a huge deal for the brand, it’s groundbreaking in the makeup industry and for our society as well.

Recently, we’ve seen prime examples of toxic masculinity courtesy of Donald Trump and everyone else who let him get away with his crude behaviour. Dismissing confessions of sexual assault as “locker room talk” and defining characteristics of an “alpha male” are exactly the problem with what is conventionally viewed and rewarded as masculine. With James as CoverGirl’s latest ambassador, the act will challenge notions of traditional gender boundaries in our society as well as help those who are affected by and actively fight against the gender normative social order.

THE POWER OF MAKEUP 💪🏼⚡️ ____ I needed to do this post. The past few days of my life have been some of the worst in a very long time and I've been extremely upset and out of it. I had a boy I really cared about take advantage of me to a whole new level and it both hurt me, but also absolutely crushed me & my confidence. I cried for the first time in years and was extremely lost and just overall angry. I wanted to do this post now that I've grown and learned from the situation to show you guys that confidence is key. You should NEVER let anyone get in the way of your goals or more importantly your happiness. Makeup makes me so happy and feel so powerful and strong and it's truly an escape. Makeup is truly an art. It's a form of expression, it's a way to feel beautiful, and to make people gasp and look exactly how they want to. It's more than just wanting to impress someone or look pretty. We do makeup for ourselves, NOT for the pleasure of anyone else. It's so important to be confident and love yourself no matter who is loving you back. Please learn from my mistake and always put your own self confidence and self love first, no matter how cute a guy is or no matter how someone may make you feel. I am worth more and so are you. 💘 ____ face is @makeupforeverofficial HD foundation stick. I contoured using my @makeupgeekcosmetics contour pan in warm medium. Highlight is @anastasiabeverlyhills glow kit in "that glow" with the shade sunburst. Brows are @benefitcosmetics ka-BROW cream gel set with gimme brow. Eyes are @morphebrushes 35O & lashes are @esqido lashmopolitan. Lips are @nyxcosmetics liquid lingerie in baby doll.

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It’s also a timely announcement, coming fresh off the heels of the #nomakeup movement driven by celebrities such as Alicia Keys and Kim Kardashian. Now, you’re probably wondering how they’re similar. If you think about it, they both share the same goal. The significance of the two is that they’re advocates of doing what makes you feel comfortable and confident, which means you can be whoever you want to because you can do just that with makeup or lack thereof. So do what you want to your face and get out there and slay.


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