October 18, 2016

Watches have a straightforward concept: tell the time. Marble too is exceedingly simple. All it does is look beautiful. But when these two elements are combined, the result is a splendorous, complex hybrid of magnificent beauty. And that’s what D1 Milano’s marble series in its brand-new collection is all about.

The budding Italian luxury fashion brand, which made its debut at the 2013 Milan Fashion Week, has targeted its products at the fashionable rather than connoisseurs. So that means that there’s no serious stuff here, no talk about horology and the intricacies of watches whatsoever. All that matters is that their products look good, and look good they do.

In terms of D1 Milano’s marble watch series, you can be assured of a visual feast for the senses. For instance, the watch dial is crafted from ultra-thin layers of solid marble. Also, each watch face’s marble base has different coloured veining patterns. Throw in a soft, velvety strap into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a comfortable, yet stylish watch that wouldn’t be out of place in a casual or formal setting.


D1 Milano Marble Collection

If marble isn’t your thing though, D1 Milano has another gem up its sleeve. Enter the Special Edition Camouflage collection, which is the world’s first ever thermochromic watch. That means with every temperature change from 0-30°C, the watch’s colour will also respond in kind, adjusting its colour gradient according to how hot or cold the weather is.


D1 Milano Special Edition Camouflage Collection

Available in Black, Grey, White, Blue and Green, the D1 Milano Marble Collection retails at $399. The Special Edition Camouflage Collection also retails at $399. Both are available at the end of October at all Ante stores. Visit www.facebook.com/lamchco.