October 7, 2016


We love the rugged feel of Freitag’s bags. They’re charming, functional yet robust; everything a girl can love. If you’re like us, and you’re also down for a session of getting your hands dirty, head down to Actually to make your own personalised Freigtag keyholder! The ‘F-ake’ keyholders are, as you can expect from Freitag, timeless and stylish so you wouldn’t want to dream about missing out. With only 200 free keyholders up for grabs, you know we’ll be rushing in stores to grab one for ourselves.



That’s not the only exciting news lined up. Freitag’s Black and White collection is launching on the same day. With the most extensive range of black and white Freitag products, the collection boasts of super minimal and classy accessories and bags. As usual, every item is made of recycled materials and each design is unique and particular in catering to every individual’s taste.

FREITAG Make a F-ake Keyholder and Black & White Collection, POA. Available from 7th October at the Actually Store.