GEOX’s Fall/Winter Collection Lets You Rock ‘Breathable’ Shoes in Style

Comfort is essential in a good shoe. Yes, style counts. But fanciful designs don’t mean a thing if you arrive home cursing and swearing because of aching feet.
If you find yourself needing to strike that balance between chic and cozy, you’d do well to check out GEOX. The Italian brand – known for its waterproof and breathable products – will be focusing on its NEBULA shoe line in its new Fall/Winter collection.
For those of you who haven’t heard of the NEBULA, it’s a maximum comfort, ultra-light shoe that incorporates GEOX’s trademark membrane – that means there are tiny perforated openings at the shoe’s sole in order to enhance breathability, flexibility, and stability.
In the women’s collection, there’s the Sfinge to look forward to – basically, these sporty kicks comprise of smooth leather, stitched quilt, as well as choices between lustrous or iris finishes. The Sfinge’s colour scheme is on-point too, with a palette that includes teal, grey and burgundy red designs. To top it all off, each pair of footwear will feature GEOX’s highly revered 3D breathable tech and inner breathing lining.


Don’t worry gents; you guys aren’t left out of the equation. The NEBULA for dudes will also incorporate GEOX’s 3D performance unit and breathing system, while there’s also the SNEAKERS line to check out – slick shoes that definitely won’t find themselves out of place in a casual or semi-formal setting.
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