October 12, 2016

Instagram has become an omnipotent source for all kinds of inspiration. We often see gorgeous everyday makeup looks and OOTDs to emulate, but in recent weeks leading up to Halloween, there’s been an influx of dramatic beauty ideas that are jaw-dropping and terrifying in equal measure. A cool Halloween costume can be an awesome conversation-starter, but Halloween makeup that’s skilfully executed has the ability to impress all. So, if you’re celebrating the spooky occasion, have a look at these makeup optical illusions that may just inspire you to try them out.


Hey guys, Happy Loop Day! I’m partnering with FOX to bring you a series of peculiar makeup looks in honor of the release of @peregrinesmovie! I was incredibly inspired by the many different characters, and all of the special traits that makes each one unique. The movie is directed by Tim Burton, and we all know just how much of an impact his films have had on the world of makeup and transformation. The characters are much like ourselves with different peculiarities, and these make us powerful. Today’s transformation video is on how to create your own Emma Bloom makeup look. In the first scene of the trailer she uses her power to fill an entire sunken ship with breathable air. This scene inspired me to produce the bubbles in paint. Show me how you express your peculiarity and use #StayPeculiar

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