October 14, 2016

Magical things just keep happening in the beauty world recently. We just got a look at what Harry Potter eyeshadow palettes could be like, thanks to a particularly imaginative Reddit user, and while these are still ideas and there are no concrete plans to turn them into reality yet – these, on the other hand, are definitely things you can order soon.



Your eyes are not fooling you – these indeed are makeup brushes made to look like wands, and some very badass wands at that. Here’s how all this happened: another observant Reddit user posted a screenshot of an Instagram post by an unknown brand named Storybook Cosmetics of these brushes, and while everyone was scrambling to find out if these were real, the brand itself made the above announcement via Instagram that the prototypes have been approved, and it is on.

As the caption says, they fully expect these brushes to sell out super quick, so if you’re keen, better keep a close eye on their Instagram page @storybookcosmetics. From the picture, it seems that the brushes are mainly small ones that look like they’re made for the eyes. Basically, the perfect companion to those Harry Potter eyeshadow palettes, so could someone get on making those a reality too, please?


Main image: Instagram @storybookcosmetics