October 19, 2016

Everyone loves a friend who they can rely on. In terms of photography, that friend is the Canon EOS 80D. While there are more advanced cameras out there in the market, it’s hard to go wrong with the 80D, and here are 8 reasons why this is the probably the most reliable camera you can get this year:


It’s great for action photography

Football volleys, slam dunks, BMX bikes, you name it, and the 80D is perfect for capturing it. This is due in part to an improved processor (Digic 6) that allows you to snap subjects at much longer bursts.

New and improved resolution

Previously, the Canon 70D had 20.2 megapixels. However, its upgraded cousin – the 80D, has a bumped up resolution of 24.2 megapixels, thanks to a new and improved APS-C CMOS sensor. If you’re enlarging photos, this slight tweak makes a big difference.

Video is excellent on the 80D

Okay, so there’s no 4k video over here. Still, the 80D’s movie recording capabilities are impressive. Think crystal clear 1080/60p Full HD video, a smooth Dual Pixel AF system, plus an easy-to-use headphone jack that’ll definitely come in handy on occasion.

There’s a smashing new autofocus system

Here’s the big one. The 80D’s autofocus system has 45 focus points compared to the 70D’s 19, with all points cross-type, giving it the ability to cover more frame. That’s something every shutterbug will appreciate.

The 80D produces accurate and dynamic images

There cannot be enough emphasis on how important the depth and details in your shots are. With its 24.2 megapixel APS-C sensor, you’re going to get exactly just that with Canon’s 80D.

A solid grip is a given


The 80D is slightly bulky – its frame measures 5.5 x 4.1 x 3.1 inches after all – but its extra girth lends a useful grip for all photographers, be they amateur shooters or seasoned pros.

It’s compatible with almost 100 lenses

There’s nothing else needed to be said. The more the merrier, especially when it concerns Canon’s bustling ecosystem of lenses.

There’s NFC and Wi-fi connectivity

This isn’t new in the world of cameras, but nevertheless, the 80D’s NFC and Wi-fi capabilities are a lot more efficient compared to its predecessor, the 70D. Once images have been transferred to your mobile device, you can adjust settings like ISO and white balance accordingly.

Here are some sample images taken with the 80D:




Overall, the Canon EOS 80D is a solid, dependable camera that is ideal for semi-pros, or hardcore photography enthusiasts. There are enough functions to keep most photographers happy, though it might prove overkill if you’re just starting out.

The Canon EOS 80D is retailing at $1649. Visit for more information. 

Cover image taken from Canon.