Here's Why Your Favourite Male Celebs Are Painting Their Nails

Nail polish is often synonymous with girls and women flaunting their artistry on their talons, leaving the boys and men out a tad bit. Well, not anymore. Two weeks ago, Aussie hottie Chris Hemsworth surprised his followers on Instagram when he shared a photo of himself sporting a single red painted fingernail. And a week ago, he posted another photo of him rocking his brightly painted fingernail, explaining that he’s painting it through the entire month of October as part of The Polished Man campaign.

Chris directed his followers to The Polished Man’s campaign, which seeks to raise awareness and funds to help end sexual violence against children. He shared that one in five children become victims of physical and/or sexual violence before they’re even 18 years of age. 90% of all sexual violence against children are committed and perpetuated by men, which is why The Polished Man campaign is asking men to lead the way by starting conversations and challenging their culture, “one man-i-cure at a time.”




Other male celebrities crushes of yours, including Zac Efron, James Marsden, Liam Hemsworth and Gabriel Macht, have joined Chris in this mission, posting photos of themselves showing one painted nail. This campaign is sponsored by Y-GAP (Y-Generation Against Poverty), an Australian charity that strives to empower local entrepreneurs in order to help fight poverty. Donations generated will be directed towards trauma recovery and prevention programmes for children. In addition, the donations will also be channelled into organisations such as the New York Center For Children and the Australian Childhood Foundation.
If you’d like to lend the cause a helping hand, you can make a donation right here.