October 10, 2016

Come on girls, we’ve all done it; going through the hassle to achieve a full face of makeup on a lazy Sunday evening just because our Instagram feed begs for a new selfie. And let’s not kid ourselves, we ain’t going nowhere but back to lazing on our beds right after we’ve got the shot we needed. We totally get it – it does get a little too taxing sometimes. And so, some of you may turn to your trusty Snapchat filters (you know, the one with the golden sparkly butterflies) that have grown to become an accomplice in your masterful art of “social media deception”, but we’ve got something better. LINE’s new selfie app LOOKS is now the proclaimed heaven-sent saviour of our bare faces and here’s why. There’s over 40 beauty filters to choose from, covering a wide spectrum of signature make-up styles ranging from the classic Asian “sweet and natural” look, to the dramatic, bold brown lip and eyeshadow combo from the West. We were kept entertained by the Brands Filters, which feature filters which were reimagined by products from our favourite Korean brands: Etude House and 3CE. You’ll also be able to adjust the intensity of the makeup with ease. Yup, that’s exactly what you think it means; none of that scary big-eyed selfies or over-contoured jawline for us! It’s the current one-stop destination for the perfect selfie, and we think we may be done with any sort of post-production editing for good after this.


looks_01 looks_02screenshot_3

Choose from over 40 makeup filters.


See the exact products ‘used’ in the Brands Filters


LOOKS, available for free download on the App Store and Google Play.