October 6, 2016

With the advent of modern makeup technology, we thought we’d seen every innovative beauty product out there. But for K-beauty, the reinventions just keep coming. By now, we’ve tried on every form of lip makeup. From lip glosses to lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and lip cushions, there’s just so many to choose from now. To add on to our collection of lip products, meet the latest innovation from Korea: lip powders.


Its formulation is exactly what it says on the tin, but wait. The real magic happens when you use the doe-foot wand applicator to swipe it on as you would a lipgloss or liquid lipstick. When the powdery product hits your lips, they begin to liquefy. Now, how cool is that? The formula will become emollient and sink into your lips to create a rich, pigmented stain. Thereafter, you can top it off with some lip gloss or leave it matte.



What’s great about the lip powder is that you can also use dab a little on your cheeks as a cheek tint – perfect for those who struggle to get out of bed in the morning to do their makeup. Though there’s no explanation on the scientific workings of this new category in the makeup market, we’re guessing they contain some form of solidified oil or wax that reacts and liquifies when it comes in contact with body heat. It isn’t a popular form of lip product yet, but you can bet that these will catch on in the world of Western beauty. Have a look at the lip powder in action below.