New Obsession: The Fendi SS17 Collection

Fendi has long been living in a completely different world entirely; one that is coquettish, poignantly of another era, and fairytale-like. And this season continued along that path.
When Bella Hadid opened the show with candy-coloured stud hairclips borrowed from the Fendi bag straps, her lips suffocated in glitter, we knew what we were about to enter. A super breathtaking “fairytale candyland”, where porcelain dolls strut down the runway in oversized glasses, bold stripes,and tons of sheer goodness.

Boy, did we enjoy the ethereal beauty that cascaded from the many bubblegum beige pink looks, and fabrics which looked as though they were floating on air. Karl Lagerfeld has, once again, delivered. And we’re pleased to say that our obsession with the pyjama shirting shows no sign of waning as Lagerfeld sends pastel coloured silk tops made for bedtime down the runway. That, together with a handful of gold and white florals printed on a nude sheer georgette, grand baroque brocades and striped jersey cropped sweaters make for a charming delivery of 18th-century-barbie-meets-2016. We were instantly fans of the ribbon-tied aprons which glided over gathered pants and fine China porcelain prints which graced certain coats and skirts. Ah, we’re a sucker for that good ol’ Eastern flair.

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And what was really impressive were the inimitable Lagerfeld signature organza blouses with scalloped trimmings along the shoulders and sleeves; well, that’s exactly the kind of garment he’s been working to perfect his entire career.
Down to the accessories, everything was spot on. The sock booties staged a fun comeback down the runway; which were striped and in an assortment of varsity shades. Each bag had its own character; whilst looking poised and feminine individually, the Fendi Strap You (which resembled guitar straps, except decorated in loads of ornaments) turned every mini pastel bag into a heavy-duty one. We’re making space in our 2017 budget for some of these already.

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Cover image from @fendi’s Instagram.