Olloclip’s New Lenses Lets You Jazz Up Your iPhone’s Camera

Smartphone cameras are huge in the world of photography.
For plenty of people, a smartphone’s camera is probably the only camera they’ll ever need. Of course, pros are different. A smartphone is barely sufficient for them. Still, there’s no denying that mobile photography is going to keep on improving, and with an all-new, improved camera for the iPhone 7, it’s safe to say that Apple is leading the charge for mobile picture-taking greatness.
Still, there are limitations, some of which that Olloclip is looking to solve with its newly launched range of interchangeable lenses. Not only are these new add-on lens clips compatible with both the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they’ll work differently from Olloclip’s previous products.
Unfortunately, that means your old Olloclip lenses won’t work with the iPhone 7, but good news though. The new system allows the lenses housing and frame to effortlessly attach itself with your smartphone’s camera lens, even if there’s a screen-cover involved. The lens optics is different too (expect multi-element and coated glass).


Macro Pro Lens Set


Core Lens Set


Active Lens Set 

Even better, you get a trio of different lens options for jazzing up your smartphone pictures. There’s the “Macro Pro Lens” set, which gives you 7x, 14x, and 21x optical zoom; the “Core Lens Set” which has fish-eye effects, a 120° view lens and 15x macro, and lastly, an “Active Lens Set” for ultra-wide angle shots.
At the end of the day, Olloclip’s new lens system is pretty much the best way to get high quality photos, especially if you don’t yet have a digital camera, or you simply rely too much on your smartphone.
Want to score these beauties? Visit to pre-order. The Macro Pro Lens, Core Lens Set and Active Lens Set will retail at $79.99 USD, $99.99 USD and $119.99 USD, respectively