October 5, 2016

There are many great headphones out there in the market at the moment. But few pave the way to true musical nirvana quite like ONKYO’s versatile range of audio equipment. Whether you’re looking for something that’ll give you a bang for your buck, or the latest and greatest in sound technology, it’s going to pretty difficult to not be happy with this Japanese electronics company. Their products are, after all, masterpieces of sound, making them artisans of aural pleasure, and us the loyal customers who have become hooked to the way they help us listen to music.



If you’re only willing to fork out cash for mid-range headphones, but quality sound is a must for you, then make a beeline for the H500M. This pair of cans have a super frequency range of 7Hz to 40kHz, covering every sound that the human ear can possibly hear. Not only that, its driver diameter is only 40mm, ensuring a snug fit for those commutes home after work. Heaviness also isn’t a problem, with the H500M weighing just 190g, making it hang-on-your-neck kind of easy to carry around. Throw in a 1.2-metre detachable cable, and you’ve got trustworthy, affordable headphones to be proud of.

Price: $229



For excellent all-round performance, you can’t go wrong with the H500BT. These headsets are perfect for audiophiles who expect nothing less than top-notch sound quality, and these babies deliver, with a frequency response of 7Hz to 40kHz (with the wire). Wireless Bluetooth listening cuts the frequency range to 23.5kHz max, but that’s not really an issue, because that’s still impressive enough to please most listeners. With 16 hours of music/talk time for wireless Bluetooth listening, the H500BT’s battery life is pretty sweet, and there’s also a dual-microphone CVC to assist with echo and noise reduction too.

Price: $319



Fans of in-ear headphones are going to love this one. With a frequency range of 6Hz to 40kHz, the sound quality of the E700M is definitely on point. But what makes these sleek headphones so great is that there’s the added benefit of extreme comfort, thanks to silicone tips that come in three sizes, and you can also fit Comply foam tips on the circumference of your ear canal. So no matter how big or small your ears are, you can guarantee that the E700M will fit you perfectly! Not to mention, we’re totally digging the slick, silver-coated colours of these headphones too. Talk about mixing style and substance.

Price: $149



It’s not every day that you hear about Bluetooth-enabled, wireless in-ear headphones, but that’s exactly what the E700BT is, essentially making them high-performing ear buds with excellent sound production. Now how’s that for innovative? In terms of specs, three pairs of silicone caps help you to gauge the perfect sizing for your ear canal, while Bluetooth capabilities for wireless listening stretch up to eight hours per charge, perfect for embarking on short trips around town.

Price: $219



Nothing beats the E600M when it comes to pure reliability. It may not have features like Bluetooth wireless listening, or the best frequency range in the world, but there’s no doubting it gets the job done. Its cable is twisted, like many of Onkyo’s other cables, and that ensures it remains tangle-free, even if you somehow manage to muck things up by letting it roll about in your bag or pocket. A 13.5mm high power driver is engineered to bring out crisp details in your music, while there’s also an in-line microphone for taking those phone calls. Here’s an all-rounder with no gimmicks, for sure.

Price: $109

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