October 14, 2016

Ah, wine… Mankind’s drink of choice since the beginning of time. We love it so much that we’ve managed to prove how it benefits our health by preventing blood clots from forming in the heart. A huge part of that can be credited to the ingredient resveratrol, a plant compound that can be found in the skin of grapes. Resveratrol has been touted to reduce inflammation and help fight cell oxidation, which is why incorporating this potent ingredient in your skincare routine can also combat aging. Now, we’ll raise a glass to that!



Hang on, before you crack open a bottle of wine and splash your face with it, have a look at these wine-inspired beauty products below. If you’ve never passed up a glass of wine, why pass up on it for your face?



Caudalie Resveratrol Firming Serum

Need a little lift? French skincare fave Caudalie launched its anti-aging line that’s perfected by science courtesy of the esteemed life-extension scientist Dr. David Sinclair. The wine-inspired line features resveratrol as its star ingredient, but the line’s serum actually contains the highest percentage of resveratrol!

$98, available at Sephora



Tony Moly “I’m Real” Red Wine Mask Sheet

Kick back and relax with a glass of wine in your hand while your skin soaks up the red wine extract. In about 20 minutes, your skin will be brighter and healthier as the red wine extract reduces the appearance of enlarged pores as it tightens and purifies your skin. Plus, it’s pretty affordable, which makes this one a no-brainer.

$30 for 10 sheets, available on Lazada



Neogen Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Wine

This Neogen exfoliator is one of the K-beauty products that’s been raved about by skincare junkies. It not only comes with dual-sided pads, it’s also infused with red wine extract and lactic acid which slough away dead skin cells as they hydrate and plump up your skin with moisture. Red wine extract is a fermented ingredient that has naturally-occurring alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), helping to expedite the exfoliation process.

$29.50, available on Lazada



Philosophy Miracle Worker Miraculous Anti-aging Moisturiser 

Let the miracle worker work its magic. Packed with vitamic C, glutathione and resveratrol, this anti-aging moisturiser is loaded with antioxidants that’ll give your skin a much need moisture boost, so you can expect to see and feel smoother, firmer skin with continued use.

$89, available at Sephora