October 12, 2016

Perspective Film Festival 2016: Breakthroughs in Cinema brings us an intimate setting of thought-provoking introspection with the preview of seven internationally acclaimed films. This year’s theme is Surrealism; the curious blurred line between fantasy and reality. We’re expecting a seriously intriguing line-up this year, with a plethora of films that’ll subconsciously open up our perceptions and leave us emotionally vulnerable, but hey – that’s art. You may be alarmed by slight discomfort, but we’ll guarantee that you’ll be enlightened by the perplexing and uncanny imageries in the films. Perspectives is the largest scale Singapore film festival run by students, and is unique in its dignified promise of never screening uncut films. The festival tells stories that express a distorted reality, and layered narratives which tap into the repressed feelings of our unconscious mind; feelings, dreams and memories to express the human condition. Now that sounds like an illuminating experience.

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One of the highlights of the festival is Surrealist master Alejandro Jodorowsky’s directorial comeback film “The Dance of Reality”. With its first ever premiere in Singapore, the autobiographical film follows his childhood and growing struggles in a conformist town. The strong surrealist elements poetically transports us into a tragic trance of nostalgia and a tender retelling of a troubled childhood. Another bold and experimental film is “Daisies” by director Vera Chytilova, which follows the destructive and flamboyant lives of two teenage girls which challenge social taboo and the moral codes conditioned by society.

Date: 27 – 30 October 2016

Time: 2pm – 8pm

Admission: $9 (single day), $30 (4 films), $55 (7 films)

Tickets available here.