Read About The Funfair Inspired Fashion Show Gone Wrong

With a whole lot of bling, gladiator heels and pearlised tracksuits, Philipp Plein enlightened us on what a ratchet twisted Candyland would look like. Or to be more specific, in Plein’s own words, what Ghettoland would appear to look ilke. Plein is well-known for his super bizarre out-of-this-world undertakings when it comes to his imagination in designing runway sets. Nothing was short of unordinary with his past season which have included sea aquariums, a full-on functioning roller coaster, giant robots (which to be honest, scared us a little bit) with Courtney Love, machine guns, and flames of fire. Well, that’s just to name a few. So Plein certainly lived up to our expectations this time with a giant garden gnome sculpture named “PIMP” (real subtle, guys), a functioning “flying swings” carnival ride, and the special cameo made by Paris Hilton and OG Ghetto M.I.L.F, Fergie.

In case you needed an insight as to how gangsta the show was, we’ll help guide you through it. We’re talking about iridescent silver crocodile skin bomber jackets, silver and gold chains which made countless appearances as necklaces, bracelets and chokers, re-imagined denim suits (and by re-imagined, we just mean with a whole lot of gold chain inserts) and micro leopard prints. Truth be told, we’re glad that gladiator heels made a statement comeback. We know, we know, it’s a bold – and even questionable sometimes – fashion choice, but its undeniably sexy and even Kardashian-approved (multiple times, at that). We simply can’t say no to these smokin’ selections, and Philip Plein managed to add a certain distinguishable sense of sophistication and sweetness to redefine the classic cringe-y gladiators.
Every look reeked of bad-assery and was fierce enough to fit into the wardrobe of a mafia boss’s wife. And when Fergie emerged, hand-in-hand with the designer himself, in a simple white tank matched with a denim and chain adorned jacket, you know the atmosphere just got wilder. Thanks for the quick tour around Ghettoland, Philipp Plein. We sure wished it truly existed.

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