October 3, 2016

There are a thousand and one articles out there dispensing tips on how to pack for travel efficiently, i.e. how to pack light. A lot of these are very practical and can really make a trip so much easier, but can we just confess that… sometimes, we’re simply unable to be light packers.

Yes, we’re one of those people who pack two extra outfits for every trip, because you never know when the occasion demands for more clothes right? (Trust us – it has happened plenty of times before.) And yes, we are also one of those who sometimes bring along full-sized toiletries. Silly, we know, but sometimes our favourite beauty products just don’t come in travel-sized versions, or looking for travel-sized toiletries bottles last minute before a trip is a lot harder than it sounds.

So the new Samsonite Lite-Shock collection is made for people like us. This very familiar luggage brand is already pretty good at making lightweight baggage, but this range takes it to a new level: it’s their lightest hard case range to date.

In four sizes, ranging from 55cm to 81cm, the Lite-Shock pieces weigh in at 1.7kg for the smallest size, going up to 2.8kg for the largest. As a point of reference, Samsonite’s 69cm Cubelite model weighs 4.2kg, while even the 69cm Lite-Locked is 3.3kg.

We’re also advocates of choosing luggage that comes in unique colours, just so you won’t be left trying to figure out which is yours amidst the sea of boring black and brown luggage on the carousel. None of that for the Lite-Shock, since the three available shades will definitely stand out.


What’s unique is also the pattern on the case, which comes inspired by water ripples. The shell case is shock-absorbent too of course, absolutely necessary considering how banged up luggages can get over the course of a flight.

Guess we can chuck those packing tips out the window, now that we’ve got the Lite-Shock.


Samsonite Lite-Shock, $790 to $1,090. Available at leading department stores including TANGS at Tang Plaza, Isetan Scotts, and selected Samsonite stores.